This video provides the details on creating free and easy way to design graphics or visual contents using CANVA for various uses. This is easy and is for absolute beginners with no design skills required.


These designs can be for various purpose such as:

  • For Social Media Platforms: Design ads, thumbnails, images, videos etc for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest etc
  • Invitation Designs: Designing various invitations such as Cards, Resume, Postcard, Planner etc.
  • Business Designs: Designing various business materials such as presentations, logos, business card, Invoice, Proposal etc.
  • Marketing Designs: Designing various marketing materials such as Poster, Flyer, Infographic, Brochure, Newsletter etc.
  • Education Designs: Designing various education designs and materials such as Lesson Plan, Certificate, Storyboard, Class Schedule etc.

These designs aide in making the content more interactive and appealing to the viewers and also add professional flavour to the content and design without actually knowing the graphic skills. This method and tool is also free and very easy to use.

We have tried explaining all these aspects in detail in this tutorial (refer the video link provided above). However, it is understood that covering such vast topics in one tutorial may not be completely exhaustive for all the viewers with varied skills. Therefore, in case any particular design or topic needs to be further elaborated or requires separate tutorial please do let us know in the comment box.

Your suggestions / feedback are highly appreciated. We will strive to deliver the required information at the earliest. Also please leave your email ids so that we can intimate you once the content has been loaded. Else you can also subscribe to our youtube channel to receive automatic updates completely free.

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Benefits include:

  • Others: Opportunity to create these designs and earn money online on various sites such as freelancer, fiverr, upwork etc. Details on these methods can be seen in my other detailed video on various methods of making money online. The links for which is given below:

In the video we have also provided some alternatives to CANVA as given below:

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